Restorative Yoga

Teacher Training

Expand Your Skill Set
with Restorative Ananda Yoga

As stress and tension are released, healing and upliftment are promoted in body, mind, and spirit. Whether you plan to offer one or a series of restorative poses, this Restorative Yoga Teacher Training can help you work more effectively with your existing students as well as attract new students.

Learn to Teach Safely, Conscientiously, and Supportively

In Restorative Ananda Yoga Teacher Training you will learn:

  • How to teach 2 comprehensive Restorative Yoga routines, including how to guide and give instruction on breathing, proper alignment, and safety mechanics for asanas, their cautions and contraindications

  • How to sequence routines in a therapeutic way to enhance the well-being of the practitioner on all levels

  • How to work with a variety of props you’ll actually be using in real-life situations

Restorative Ananda Yoga Connects You and Your Students
to the System of Chakras


There are many interesting things to learn about the chakras. For beginners through advanced yoga practitioners, we’ll focus on the two most practical, down-to-earth applications of the chakras:

  • The Attitudes of the Chakras or states of mind associated with each Chakra—how they relate to

    our thoughts, actions, and habits

  • The correspondence between the Chakras and movements of energy

  • Learn techniques to help increase the flow of energy inward and up through the system of chakras

Recognize Your Students as Individuals

Restorative Yoga can be time consuming and prop-intensive for instructors. In this hands-on training you will explore the importance of knowing how to assist and adjust your students both carefully and efficiently.

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Observe the common complaints students may experience in restorative poses and offer students alternate ways to practice more safely and comfortably

  • Learn modifications and variations needed for students with special conditions

  • Student-teach restorative poses that focus on releasing specific physical and mental tensions

Experience the Depth

Yoga teachers love this training because they get to practice a lot of Restorative Yoga! They also get to feel what it’s like to be nurtured and cared for in a Restorative class. During the course there will be time to:

  • Experience the poses to understand the use of props and proper alignment

  • Use the breath to invoke the Relaxation Response

  • Practice teaching one-on-one and in groups

  • Learn beginning to advanced Restorative Yoga Poses

Heighten Your Teaching Ability and Integrating the Chakras
into Restorative practice/or training


  • Learn to guide students in energy awareness while teaching Ananda Yoga’s unique Restorative routine for the Chakras.

  • You’ll learn about the chakra system of the astral body and its central role in achieving well-being

  • Enhance your own intuitive sense of the chakras and gain the tools to help others connect with healing chakra energy.

  • Work with the chakras as a Holistic System

  • We’ll practice warm-up exercises to the awaken the chakras, and you’ll learn the Restorative Ananda Yoga Chakra Routine

Restorative Ananda Yoga Teacher Trainees will receive a thorough manual for the course, which includes fully illustrated photos of the asanas and their props, instructions and guidelines for: teaching, assisting and adjusting students in the asanas, cautions/contraindications and modifications, and more.

All material that is covered in the course is available in the manual.

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Instructors

Vivekadevi Noh-Kuhn

Yudhisthira Andrews
Certified Ananda Yoga Therapist

Divya Love Wise
Therapeutic Yoga Practitioner