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Yoga class at Ananda Yoga of the Bay Area, Palo Alto, CA

Ananda Yoga combines an energizing practice with an inward emphasis that leaves you feeling physically, emotionally, and spiritually renewed and healed.

An Ancient Practice for Modern Times. Ananda Yoga answers the most pressing question of our existence: What are all people seeking, and how can we attain it? When Paramhansa Yogananda came to the West in 1920, he brought a timeless answer from ancient India.

YoganParamhansa Yoganandaanda came with a mission to help people understand the purpose of life, at a time when the advance of science had led many to conclude that life is meaningless. He taught that behind the diversity of their stated desires, all people are seeking two things: increasing happiness and freedom from suffering.

The Great Gift of Yoga is that it offers practical tools for accomplishing these goals, with scientific precision and efficiency. Happiness comes when we use our body, heart, will, and mind expansively – that is, in ways that increase health, love, strength, wisdom, and joy. Suffering comes when we use them contractively – in ways that erode health, mire us in negative feelings, weaken our will, narrow our awareness, and make us unaware of the joy of the soul.

The Yoga of Happiness. Happiness and freedom begin with the body. A healthy body provides a solid foundation for cultivating joy in all aspects of our life. In Ananda Yoga, each posture has an accompanying affirmation that amplifies the effect of the pose, creating a wonderful sense of inner expansion. The effects are immediate; the potential for growth is endless.

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Ananda Yoga is beautifully described in two books by Swami Kriyananda: Ananda Yoga for Higher Awareness, and The Art and Science of Raja Yoga. You can buy these books online (follow the links) or in the Ananda Sangha boutique, behind the Yoga Center.


“An adventure into my inner self.  This class is a spiritually uplifting experience, and a journey to self discovery.” — Rose R., Fremont

“No matter how hard my day was before the class, afterwards, I always left feeling great.” — C. B., Stanford University

“During the practice session, even though I was surrounded by other people, I felt alone, in a profound state of peace. It was a wonderful experience. I have a great deal of stress in my life, and this will be a significant help to me.” — Susan H., Daly City

“Enjoyable and calming. A wonderful combination of exercise, technique, and spirit.” — Beth L.